Dangers of picking the wrong jeweller

Hi, friends! How are you all? Hope you guys will be fine! As the title says today I am going to tell you guys the dangers of picking the wrong jeweler. You guys will think that “What will happen if I chose a wrong jeweler?” Well, the answer is here. Many different kinds of dangerous things can happen while selecting a jeweler. The jeweler can sell you stolen stuff. He can also sell you fake diamond rings. Some jewelers rhodium-plate your jewelry which can get yellow in less than two weeks. Cheap jewelry can also lead to deadly consequences, better be safe and go to a reputable one like Gavelli Jewelers. Let’s take a brief look at these issues.

Jewelers Selling Stolen Stuff:

You guys will probably not know about it many jewelers sell stolen jewelry to their customers. How will the customers know that the jewelry is stolen? But customers can know if they collide with their own stolen jewelry in a jewelry store. While buying jewelry always ask for a bill, because bad things can happen to you like jeweler refuses to refund your money on low-quality jewelry. Most of these cases happen in Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Nepal, and some other countries. Jewelers who sell stolen jewelry should be punished well by the Governments.

Jewelers Can Switch Your Diamonds:

Another bad thing that can happen is that jeweler can switch your diamonds with fake diamonds. This tragedy happens in almost every single country in the world. The jeweler can easily exchange the real diamond with a fake one, and you will not know about it. How can you prevent your diamond from getting switched? Well, the answer is simple “Never Ever Trust An Unknown Jeweler.” If you jewelry broke or diamond fell out from the ring never take it to an unknown jeweler, or he will have enough time to exchange your diamond with a fake stone.

Jewelers Can Sell You Low-Quality Jewelry:

Jewelers can sell you nickel plated low-quality jewelry. Some jewelers sell Rhodium-plated jewelry which gets yellow in less than two weeks. It is very important to check the jewelry before buying. Also don’t forget to buy jewelry without proper bill because after you know that the jewelry you bought is of low-quality, the managers of jewelry store will refuse to refund your money and will claim that jewelry is bought from somewhere else. Studies show that a Rhodium-plated ring is re-plated 5-8 times in 6 months.

Some Jewelries Can Cause Diseases: Yes, you read it right! Low-quality jewelry coated with toxic things can cause different harmful diseases, but one think that you guys don’t know is that gold can cause cancer. 

Gold jewelry is joint with an element called Cadmium which can cause you cancer. Cadmium is banned in every country for use in jewelry because as said before it can cause you cancer. Always keep in mind to check the jewelry before buying and always get your jewelry checked from a lab so that they can test your jewelry for the presence of Cadmium. Hope you guys liked the article. Let me know in the comments. Thank You!