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photo-1462907715766-a2863567b2a4Some people pride themselves on being spontaneous. Life is best-enjoyed living by the seat of their pants. For others, however, life is more enjoyable when they know what they are doing before they do it. I have no shame in admitting I lie right in the middle. Call me what you like. I like to call myself organized.

Part of this organizational nature includes researching venue reviews before I book a hotel, holiday or event. It’s all part of the fun for me. If I am going away for a weekend with friends, I like to check out all the options of where to go and what to do. Some may prefer to jump in the car and turn up at a B&B in the hope that bed, any bed will be available for the night.

However, I like to review my options before I hit the road. There’s an excitement involved in knowing what to expect, just as there is in the unknown. However had I not have researched where to stay on a recent road trip in New Zealand for example, I never would have come across the most stunning little holiday home on the beach in Collingwood, sheltered from the view of the road by a collection of palm trees, where I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise I’ve seen in my life. Some things are worth planning.

The thing with venue reviews is that you get an honest opinion of what to expect, from the people who matter, the people who have also paid good money to stay at the places you are planning to visit. They will reveal the secrets that a glossy holiday brochure perhaps may not.

Venue reviews may tell you how easy it really is to get there, what the venue grounds are like, what you can really expect from the bedrooms, the food, the friendliness of the staff, the surrounding area, how far it really is to the beach and even small details that you may never think of. I once read a review before staying at a hotel, written by a couple who had stayed in room 114 by the elevator and didn’t sleep all night because of the noise. I checked in and asked for a room the other side of the building and as a result had a perfect night’s sleep.

Venue reviews are also priceless when it comes to organizing a conference. The opinions and comfort of two hundred delegates, means you need to make sure the venue meets every one of your requirements. You will naturally visit the venue in person before you book however reading venue reviews will also tell you what the venue owners perhaps may not.

Do not get me wrong. Reviews don’t always report on negative experiences but may reveal what delights there are in store also. I have done this. I was so passionate about a beautiful guesthouse I once stayed in, at the foot of Table Mountain in South Africa, I felt compelled to tell others about it in an online review, in the hope I would drive further business to the guesthouse. When something impresses me this much, I feel compelled to spread my joy.

You may find you are torn between some venues. If so, venue reviews may help you make your final decision. Reviewers have no reason to be dishonest about their experiences. They are written to educate us and report on the good, the bad or the ugly. Often venues are rated on cleanliness, location, entertainment, staff, character or security. If you are looking for something specific, you may find reviews like this helpful.

Perhaps you prefer to suppress the experience and wait until you arrive at your accommodation to see what awaits you. However if you are like me and like to know what’s in store for you, I strongly advise you check out venue reviews before you book.

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Checking if your roof is in good shape


There are ways to ensure that your roof maintains its condition for a long time to come requiring the minimum repairs and help of roof contractors. It will also ensure that you spend as little as possible on roof repairs.

There are ways to ensure that your roof maintains its condition for a long time to come requiring the minimum repairs and help of roof contractors. It will also ensure that you spend as little as possible on roof repairs.

Most roofs last about 15 years of course depending on weather conditions and the kind. However, the truth is that constantly checking it for problems and fixing them as early as possible will mean that you can make your roof last almost double that time. Yes, that’s right. That is why inspecting your roof every now and then and fixing small problems before they become huge is such a good idea. checking if your roof is in good shape is good. Here are a few things you need to know:

a. The roof flashings are an area which should be checked by you annually to make sure they are in proper working condition. Roof flashings mean those areas where there are changes in roof patches. Roof flashings are also one of the most important reasons why there are leaks. So ensuring that yours are in good condition is important.

b. Mount brackets, flash fasteners, and caulk nail heads near chimneys and vents will ensure that the nails and vents are free of rust and also prevent water leaks. Water leak is really bad for your roof and so you should do everything you can to prevent that from happening.

c. If you have a tiled roof, make sure that you know that it is prone to tears and breakages. So if the weather has been especially inclement, like rain, hail or thunderstorms check your roof to see whether it’s okay and there is no damage whatsoever.

d. Leaves may not look like they can cause too much damage but the truth is that they can: to a roof. This is because leaves and debris can block the moisture to the surface of your roof and this will make it more susceptible to rotting. So if you know that leaves fall regularly on the gutters and valleys of your roof, make sure you rake them as soon as you can.

e. Moss and roof lichen are terrible for the health of your roof because they attach themselves to the particles and paint and thereby cause damage. When you see moss and roof lichen, get rid of them as soon as you can so you don’t need the help of roof contractors.

In the case of a larger structure, and owner can even periodically “walk the roof” to check it out with his or her own eye, to make sure that everything is as it should be. This kind of work is necessary to help the owner know when to call and professionals in what to tell them about what is needed for a particular roof project. Good communication with professionals is another part was necessary to really keep your roofing good health. Advice from trained professionals can be very useful when preforming your roofing tasks. This way, you’ll help minimize any possible damage on a roof due to the normal or excessive wear and tear that may occur.

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