Procedures For Printing Images on Bags

There are lots of ways to customize bags, and one method is to print pictures on them. Custom Printed Bags provide your bags with a distinctive and artistic look. This is also a great gift idea and corporate giveaway item. Listed below are the steps you could follow for printing photographs on bags:

Prepare your supplies
The materials you will have to print photographs on bags are plain canvas bags, photo transfer paper, a color printer, and iron. Canvas or cloth bags are great for printing tasks, and it is essential that you lay them flat on your worktop when you start working on them. Photo transfer paper can usually be bought at crafts and art shops, school and office supplies retailers, or print outlets.

Run the computer application you will use for developing or placing photographs
There are various computer programs you could use for printing photos. You could choose a word processing application and just insert a ready-made photograph, or you may utilize image-editing application and edit the image first. Run the program and set up the page settings so that its dimensions are the same as the photograph transfer paper. The size of the photo transfer paper is normally indicated on its packaging. Insert the picture of your choice and make the necessary adjustments to make sure that it fits on the page. You must also ensure that you mirror or reverse the photograph horizontally before printing it. This can let the photograph to face the right way when you transfer it to the bag.

Configure the printer settings and print the image on a test page
Set your printer configurations to print images so that the photograph comes out with the best possible quality. You should also ensure that the paper size is accurately set. Before you print the picture on the photo transfer document, test it on standard paper so that you can be sure the image is the right dimension and on the right part.

Print the picture on the transfer paper
If you are certain that you are happy with the results of the printed photo, feed the transfer document into the printer and print.

Get ready the bag and the iron
Check out the label on the photo transfer document for any unique directions when shifting photos. These directions may also show what heat configurations you should use on your iron. Set the flat iron on the specified temperature. Place the bag on a flat worktop and be sure that the surface is flat and free from creases and crumples. The bag must also be free from dust, dirt and other remains.

Iron the transfer paper
Lay the transfer paper onto the bag face down. Start ironing the back of the paper and incorporate all the sides. Press down hard using your weight and make sure that all elements of the transfer paper have been ironed.When you are done ironing, peel off the backing from the transfer paper, if there’s any. The photo should now appear on the bag.