Safety Tips When Using a Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline is an exhilarating activity for children. It can provide hours of entertainment for your child as you tackle your daily chores. But it can also lead to hours in the ER if caution is not taken. The best trampoline safety tips below explain why.


Do not install the trampoline near poles, fences, and trees. A child may hit these objects when they play harshly. It is safe to install a trampoline with at least 3 meters of safety perimeter around it. When a child jumps too high and falls off the trampoline, they may injure severely. This may be so due to the presence of poles, fences, garden furniture, walls, and poles. Installing a trampoline away from such structures will create a safe environment.


It is important to check if the bolts are well tightened and all the springs are in position before use. The trampoline mat together with the springs combines to make up the proper tension. This tension helps you bounce when you jump. The tighter the springs, the higher your kids will bounce. Confirm if the springs are well fixed in their position. The spring should be in place and well fixed at both ends. If the springs are hanging, they may cause unnecessary injuries when accidents happen. If some springs became corroded and stretched, replace them with good quality springs. Also, ensure you fix the new springs appropriately,


Install safety pads to cover the springs, steel frame, and hooks. This is because your child may land on the springs, hooks, or even steel frame if they are not covered. The safety pad should be placed well and in good condition. So, when buying trampolines, only select models with safety pads. Also, ensure that the color of the frame and mat contrast with that of the pads.


Enclose your trampoline with good, high-quality safety nets. When purchasing a trampoline, choose the one with a safety net as part of it, or buy a safety net as you buy the trampoline. The safety net prevents the child from hitting the frame or springs. It also prevents kids from falling off the trampoline and hitting the ground.


Prevent kids from jumping too high. They will avoid losing control and jumping off the trampoline. Kids are always excited to use the trampoline every time. But they may land wrongly when they lose control as they jump. Avoid this by training them to control their jumping all the time and keep the jumps low. This is especially advisable for beginners. Also when they get exhausted, they should rest for a while before jumping again.


Remove all jewelry and all sharp objects from your pockets before jumping. Kids may sometimes forget to remove pencils and jewelry from their pockets. They may get injured if they land on these sharp objects.


Prevent children from doing somersaults on your trampoline. Somersaults on the trampoline may cause neck and head injuries. These are the most serious injuries associated with the device. If you land wrong, you may also get fractures or sprains to the wrist, elbow, and forearm collarbone.


It’s is clear that the trampoline can cause serious injuries to your child. That is why it is important to consider the above safety tips before the use of the trampoline. Also, ensure your child attends a trampolining class. Then they can then play on your backyard trampoline. Happy trampolining!